General Raj's School Profile

General Raj's School is a private unaided, coed, neibhourhood School established by a society registered under the societies Registration Act 1980.
General Raj's School was founded in 1966 by the Chairman, Maj. General P.C Rajaratnam in memory of his father Mr. Payyan Shankaran a well-known educationist of our country. The school has grown over the years offering a variety of facilities to its students ranging from Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Badminton, Yoga & gymnastics to swimming, trekking and a host of other outdoor activities. Its curriculum encompasses the system of value education, which is very close to the heart of the Chairman. The school also has a couple of horses offering the children horse riding as an extracurricular activity.
Excelling in sports, co-curricular activities and academics and with its strong focus on value education General Raj's School stands today as one of Delhi's premiere educational institutions

The school is a recognized senior secondary school by the Directorate of Education.It is run by P.C. Rajaratnam Institution, a Society registered under the "Societies Regn Act" 1860
Aim of the School
Formation of various clubs

Facilities & Activities offered
Apart from the initial land of 1.98 acres of land the DDA allotted an additional 1615 sq mts of land in 1995. This paved the way for a new and improved wing of the school which houses the senior secondary wing and a state of the art auditorium.
Socially Useful Productive Work
Training and Guidance Counseling
Organisation and Curriculum
Organisation and Curriculum
Learning in an open environment
Moral & Value Education